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Boxer Shorts

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Trot woven boxer shorts are must‐haves for every modern man. Whether you like printed,
stripes or plain boxers short, we've got you covered. With sizes available from small to Xlarge
there’s something for everyone in our edit of men’s underwear.
We wonder if men in Pakistan even give a thought to their undergarments. This is mainly
because they focus on what others can see even though wrong choice of underwear can
make your day miserable. It can also put you in awkward situations. Another reason for men
not taking the undergarments seriously is because it’s the funniest article of clothing.
However, while getting ready for the office in the morning or a party at night, underwear (boxer
shorts) is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off. The wrong choice with your
underwear can throw off your whole occasion. So it is recommended that you spend a few
extra rupees on top quality boxer shorts when upgrading your underwear drawers.
At Trot, we suggest when planning to upgrade your underwear drawer do not make a budgeted
decision since boxers are closest to your most prized possession. With everything changing you
need to rethink about your undergarments as well and move on from that local shrink‐wrapped
underwear packs you've been buying, because a proper underwear restock requires the good
Unfortunately, in Pakistan even those who wanted to upgrade their underwear drawer game
hardly had any option. However, since 2018 Trot has been the go to online store for fashion
forward men of Pakistan. Our woven boxer short for men is one of our best sellers. Everyone
who try our boxer shorts loves it and give a positive feedback. Trot boxer shorts are fast
becoming popular among modern men and they like to affiliate themselves with it. This is
because the printed and colorful woven boxers help them finding their true personality. It is
proven that good pair of underwear also help boost confidence.
Perfect boxer shorts are those that are a little loose to give more space and avoid itching but at
the same time are not loose enough to roll up. Our woven boxer shorts are stitched keeping the
same thing in mind. The seams are double‐turned to avoid rough edges. Each pair is made from
fine cotton for unmatched lightness, softness and breathability.
Complete your wardrobe of everyday wear from Trot’s edit of woven boxer shorts.

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