Trot - Underwear Crafted For You!

Trot - Underwear Crafted For You!
Trot, a Pakistani Brand, founded in 2018 with an Objective of providing an exquisite range of men’s Inner wear infused with contemporary design & a comfy feel for the best experience.
We aim to cater the Inner-wear Products for men with the attention to detail that it deserves. As the primary item of clothing, First On-Last Off, it has a significant value in every wardrobe
Catering to that we provide a distinctive range of products, crafted for you from the premium fabrics & an exquisite fit


About The Products


Boxer Briefs:  A combination of two types of Underwear, Boxer Briefs are long on the legs resembling to Boxer Shorts and at the same time Boxer Briefs are tighter or lay fitted on the legs as the case of Briefs.

Developed in the 1990’s, Boxer Briefs were the answer to modern fashion and comfort needs at the time and have picked up as one of the most preferred style of inner-wear garments. Easy to carry. Suitable for everyday & formal wear.    


Boxer Shorts: Type of Men’s undergarment which are relatively loose and relaxed for unhindered leg movement. Structured with an all-around elastic on the waistband, with a lot of freedom.

The garment style goes back to the 1940’s when the Professional Boxers used Shorts for their sportswear, providing free footwork & easy maneuvering. A relaxed Fit. Suitable for casual wear.

Crewnecks: A plain single colored T-Shirt that has a round neckline (no collar) often worn with other layers. Serves the purpose of keeping the outer layers fresh and cool.

The T-shirt crew neck was developed in the 1930’s as an innerwear garment for the purpose of absorbing sweat and preventing shoulder pads of football players from scratching.

Nowadays the Crewneck T-Shirt itself has become a signature Top for men due to its decent yet bold characteristics.


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